Sidney Riley



Hailing from Washington, D.C, singer-songwriter Sidney Riley has been involved with the arts since he learned to play the piano at age 9. After discovering his deep passion for singing as a cast member of Children’s Choice, a popular children’s British television show filmed in the Middle East, Riley decided then to take his musical career more seriously. While in high school, he formed an acapella group and began writing original music. During that time, he and his high school choir had the fortune to perform at The Kennedy Center Honors whose honoree that year was Quincy Jones, the most decorated producer and composer to date.

Soon after celebrating this momentous occasion, Riley fell critically ill with Meningoencephalitis, a rare disease that had him fighting for his life in a coma for several months, overcoming a 1% chance to live. Upon waking from his coma, he formed a paralysis causing immobility from his neck down, medical experts related to him that he would never walk again. After many months of rehab, which included re-learning how to walk again, Riley shocked his friends and family when he walked unassisted across the graduation stage to receive his diploma, with the full chamber choir by his side.

Riley credits his recovery in part to the role music played in his life, by keeping him motivated through that difficult time and giving him a sense of purpose. After graduation, the musician made a full recovery and moved to New York City to attend Fordham University.

Since then, he has made music his priority. He now resides in Los Angeles, and is currently involved in several projects for himself, as well as for other artists from various genres. Sidney Riley is ready to put his best foot forward while letting music guide his journey. Learn more about Sidney by visiting