Sho’Roc hails from Wilmington, Delaware and later moved to Washington D.C. where he began his journey and was inspired to become a recording artist after he met another deaf rapper name Prinz-D at Gallaudet University.

Sho’Roc and Prinz-D formed the first deaf Hip-Hop group called Helix Boyz and had a acting role (Gab) in Hip-Hop Anansi by Eisa Davis at the Imagination Stage in 2006.

Sho’Roc has collaborated with WaWa’s World and DJ Nicar on various projects such as “We No Hear” and “Random Thoughts” and recorded songs with Beautiful the artist song called “Always Up” and CODA rappers Orel B Tha Coda and J.Cacao. He recently released his first solo album called “Triple Threat” in 2021 with hit single “Go Higher” and W.U.M.B produced by DJ Nicar.