Nicar is a music producer and DJ born in the Philippines and now residing in Northern California. He is a father to 3 beautiful children and a dedicated ally to the Deaf community. Nicar attended Gallaudet University where he discovered a unique world where Sign Language and music intersected. Shortly after in 2012, Nicar met Wawa and formed a group called “Wawa’s World”. Since then, they’ve been performing around the world in over 150 cities, inspiring the first generation of Deaf rappers & singers.

Nicar’s past credits & collaborations include but not limited to: Valorant-Riot Games, E-40, NPR, PBS, NBC, MTV, Convo Relay, ZVRS-Purple, CSD, LEAD-K, Gallaudet Theater, Deafies in Drag, Harold Foxx, SignMark, Sean Forbes, Mandy Harvey, DPAN, DeafNation, National Association of the Deaf, Gallaudet Theater.